Harshabardhan Comics

Dactar daklen Harshabardhan 
ডাক্তার ডাকলেন হর্ষবর্ধন

Harshabardhan bonan Kolke Kasi
হর্ষবর্ধন বনাম কলকে কাশি

Change e gelen Harshabardhan
চেঞ্জে গেলেন হর্ষবর্ধন

Chor bonam Harshabardhan 
চোর বনাম হর্ষবর্ধন

Harshabardhaner mohotshov
হর্ষবর্ধনের বনমহোৎসব

Chor dhorlo Gobordhon
চোর ধরলো গোবর্ধন

Meo dhora ki sohoj naki
মেও ধরা কি সহজ নাকি

Eklobber mundopat
একলব্যের মুন্ডুপাত

Harshabardhaner Bagh Sikar
হর্ষবর্ধনের বাঘ শিকার


  1. Thank you very much for this wonderful deed. We can read a lot and need not worry on the high price of their printed copy. Thank you.

  2. thank you.......thank you.......thank you.......thank you.......thank you.......
    bole sesh kora jabe na...
    thank you

    1. kintu comics down load korle aboebe reader-a cholchena

  3. Nilanjan Goswami31 January 2016 at 00:47

    Thank you. I am at 45 years of age but interested in comics still now. Very much thank you. But I have a advice. If it is possible to download zip files of all Mandrake and Betal and Asterix comics, it will be better for us. Can it possible ?

  4. It is very nice and a pretty welcome move on your part to upload such comics which I used to read in my yesteryears, and, now do download these for my children and would be grandchildren. Many alike me shall be indebted to you.

  5. shuktarar voutik sonkolon duti upload krle khub valo hy :)